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Our Signature Line of Food Production

These are the products we mainly serve. We focus on the turnkey project of the whole food production line. Including food processing machinery, processing technology, 

installation and commissioning!

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About WeiShu Machinery Technology

WeiShu Machinery Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is located in Fengxian District, Shanghai, China. We are a dairy beverage equipment manufacturer integrating design, 
We have more than 20 years of industry experience, professional formula technologists and overseas installation teams. At present, our equipment is exported to all over the world. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

More than 20 years of industry experience

Exports to more than  100 countries

The best stainless  steel material

More than 50 kinds of food equipment


Including all production equipment, processing technology, process formula, installation, commissioning and after-sales service.


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Yogurt Production Process Flowchart

Introduction:Yogurt is a popular dairy product known for its creamy texture and health benefits. It is produced through a series of carefully controlled processes that ensure the growth of beneficial bacteria and the creation of a smooth and delicious final product. In this article, we will explore

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A Complete Guide To Choosing The Right Juice Production Line

This comprehensive guide focuses on aiding individuals in selecting the ideal juice production line for their business aspirations. It details essential factors such as capacity, automation levels, product quality, flexibility, and cost considerations. The guide navigates through the significance of each factor, emphasizing the impact on production efficiency, final product quality, and long-term profitability. Additionally, it explores key components within a juice production line, highlighting their roles in ensuring a seamless and high-quality production process. Overall, the guide aims to empower readers with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and turn their juice production dreams into a successful reality.

Enhance Your Production Efficiency with A Jam Production Line

This article explores the significance of Jam Production Lines in optimizing efficiency within the jam manufacturing industry. It highlights key features such as automated capabilities, precise ingredient handling, and a focus on food safety and hygiene. The piece emphasizes the importance of modern machinery, staff training, cleanliness, and data analysis in enhancing production efficiency. Ultimately, it emphasizes the crucial role of these production lines in meeting consumer demand for high-quality, diverse jams while offering strategies for manufacturers to maximize their output effectively.

The Ultimate Soft Drink Production Line: Perfecting Your Bottling Process

Soft drinks are one of the most popular beverages in the world, and the demand for them continues to grow. However, producing soft drinks on a large scale is not a simple task. It requires a well-optimized production line that can handle the bottling process efficiently. In this article, we will div

WeiShu Machinery Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is located in Fengxian District, Shanghai, China. We are a dairy beverage equipment manufacturer integrating design, R & D, production, sales and service.



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